Kids Return. To anyone that's unlucky enough to follow us on socials you know that we regularly let off steam there about the state of the world and the music industry. We're dying to get the fuck off socials. Instagram is for models. Twitter is for politics. We gotta stop trying to make music fit into the shape of the wrong algorithm. That's why we keep asking you to sign up here and buy clothes and records. We didn't start a label cause we love marketing. We started it cause we love everything about this music. We're in service to this fucking thing. We invest in and work for our artists and we all share the profits evenly. In 2017 we used this very same space on the Advent Calendar to moan about outside, corporate interest framing music as a commodity. They wanna own your access. But we're right here. This year we wanna chill a bit and all we wanna say is that we've been doing this a while now. We love doing it. We know what you love about the label. And while we spent a few years with trap guilt and future bass fear, trying to diversify what you know us for: now that seems less important as we realise no one cares about genre anymore. We've got the next half a year planned out. It's ten years of LM next year and we're all still working together. We've seen the world. Made movies. Sold thirty. Went platinum. Been to rehab. Built studios. Built offices. Appropriated and been appropriated. We are all better at this now than when we started. And with the help of our partners at Warp, there's more chance of people hearing it. We've got the best music we've ever heard ready for release in 2019. It's a fucking honour to get to do this. Thanks for continuing to buy our music. To support our music. Talk and write about our music. Pirate our music. It's been a trip so far.